Chinese New Year – 2016 Year of the Red Monkey


Happy New Year!

Chinese Lunar New Year that is. This celebration is also known as the Spring Festival and is China’s most important traditional festival. It celebrates families, a year of hard work, resting and resetting ones mind and body as well as welcoming good luck and prosperity for the coming year. Traditionally, this celebration was for the start of a new year of farm work and hoping for a good harvest. Now, it celebrates any new endeavor in business, relationships and heavily centers around family.

The festivities usually start on New Years Eve with a reunion dinner with family coming from near a far. The meal usually includes fish as the Chinese word for fish sounds like the word for surplus. It symbolizes a surplus of luck and prosperity. Also enjoyed are dumplings, spring rolls, glutinous rice cakes and sweet rice balls.

On the big day there are firecrackers, decorations on homes and businesses of red and gold, giving red envelopes with money to children and the elders, dragon dances and worship. It is custom to set off one string of small firecrackers first followed by three big firecrackers symbolizing the sounding out of the old year and sounding in the new. The louder the three firecrackers, the better and luckier the coming year.

The Year of the Red Monkey.

It begins today, February 8, 2016 and continues until January 27, 2017. The Monkey is the ninth of the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiac cycle. Each year is associated with one of these animals and with one of the five elements of metal, water, wood, fire or earth. This creates an element-animal combination that affects your personality and destiny.

Attributes for people born in the year of the Monkey are: intelligent, wise, curious, energetic, inventive, vigilant, ambitious and problem solvers. They also are often known as pranksters and can be a little impulsive, hyperactive, strong-minded in excess and irritable.

2016 promises to be a positive transformational year for those born in the year of the Monkey. This will be a great year for new projects at work and new personal pursuits. It will be important for people born in a Monkey year to make special effort to balance work and home life. Their abundant energy usually results in active, healthy lifestyles but they need to be mindful to rest their body and mind. Again, the target here is balance.

Some lucky things for Monkeys are: the numbers 4 and 9, the 14th and 28th day of any month during the Year of the Monkey, the 8th or 12th month during the Year of the Monkey, the colors white, blue and gold, the chrysanthemum flower and finally, the directions of north, northwest and west.

People born in the year of the Ox or Rabbit are the most compatible for those born in the year of the Monkey. Tigers or Pigs are the most incompatible. Snakes make really good friends for Monkeys.

I hope you have a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.

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