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nsw-about-1North Suburban Wellness, LLC consists of a team of physicians and clinicians that are committed to doing whatever lies within our ability and power to care for, cure and facilitate healing in our patients. As new knowledge emerges in the investigation of healing approaches, we have sought to make the full scope of safe and effective healing resources available to all who seek our care.


ns-about-2Experience Optimal Vitality and Wellness

Integrative Medicine is geared toward maximizing each individual's ability to experience optimal vitality and wellness, whatever their current state of health. We believe that there is a powerful interrelationship between the mind, body, spirit, and community in the interplay of both health and disease, and that a dynamic, constantly shifting balance exists as each of us moves through the daily stressors of our lives.

Research is bringing us closer to identifying genetic susceptibilities for disease, while our population achieves an ever increasing life span in an increasingly fast-paced, demanding technological society. Given these realities, the need to develop comprehensive and dynamically responsive health care plans ('healing paths')for optimal well-being, with a full range of healing resources, becomes increasingly apparent.
Customized Wellness Plans for Optimal Health

For this reason, we focus on assisting our patients in the creation of customized wellness plans for optimal health that are as responsive to their initial concerns as they are to their changing health needs, taking into consideration all aspects of well-being. They include recommendations from a wide range of appropriate therapeutic interventions from both conventional and complementary/alternative practices, such as: conventional medications, chiropractic care, herbal supplements, preventive and diagnostic medical screenings and examinations, Oriental medicine and acupuncture, physical therapy, nutritional therapy, movement, and exercise assessments. These plans may include suggestions among the diversity of stress reduction and mind-body interventions such as biofeedback, massage, yoga, and meditation/breathing exercises. Above all, they are founded in mutual trust and respect between patient and practitioner, with the understanding that each individual has a significant, innate capacity for healing that can be supported and enhanced.
Dedicated to the Transformation of Health Care

At NSW, we see ourselves as agents of change, dedicated to the transformation of health care from a disease oriented, physician and technology centered model into a wellness, patient centered orientation that understands and empowers the integration of body, mind, spirit and community in healthcare.