Hearing Wellness: that is our philosophy. Dr. Kaye believes that hearing and balance disorders are part of the whole body and must be evaluated and treated as such. Each patient is thoroughly evaluated using state-of-the-art methods suitable to their age and abilities. The results are explained and discussed; we then tap our extensive knowledge and resources base to recommend the most reasonable hearing or balance recovery solution. Solutions may involve traditional audiological treatments, or include other interventions from the knowledgeable staff here at HWC. Many tinnitus patients benefit from acupuncture and massage therapy. While those with dizziness or balance disorders not only benefit from audiology intervention, but from physical therapy, and or yoga as well.

Hearing Wellness Centers evaluates and treats both pediatrics and adults for hearing, balance, and tinnitus disorders. We also strive for preventative measures for those who currently have normal hearing, but may participate in activities that are detrimental to the hearing system, such as playing musical instruments, playing in a band or orchestra and working in noisy environments. Our goal is to optimize the quality of each patient’s daily life.