Nutritional Health

The client centered nutritional​ coaching approach Mindy Greenberg uses, draws together the best available
evidence about what helps people make healthy lifestyle changes and sustain them.
​ ​
It draws on techniques and principals from motivational, solution-focused therapy.

​The emphasis is on how to make change, not just give advice about what to do. This avoids over-loading people with advice and information and zooms in on the most pertinent health actions you can take now, designing practical strategies to embed them into your life while anticipating and planning for the barriers that are likely to get in the way.


*Focused questions and active listening: I will ask you lots of questions about your daily life and preferences so we can work out what strategies will truly work for you.

*Choice: together we will generate a number of options for you to choose from​.​

*Self responsibility: you will be the decision maker about what you will and won’t do.

Accountability: you will be held accountable for what you say and will do in a supportive, non-judgmental manner that encourages learning from challenges.

Education: If there are gaps in your health knowledge and you want to
learn more, I can provide education. At times, referral to another health
professional for assistance, may be suggested.

Confidentiality: I regard our appointments as highly confidential.


-To feel empowered by making conscious choices and healthy changes.
-A healthier lifestyle and better health, which equals more energy, better mood, better performance and zest for living.
-Weight loss/gain
-Health updates, tips and tools
-Improved self-management and accountability

Mindy Greenberg
Certified Health Coach Practitioner