Dr. Jody Rotblatt, a licensed clinical psychologist, brings to NSW over 20 years of experience in the treatment of a wide variety of issues including but not limited to: depression and anxiety, women’s issues including post-partum depression and anxiety, low self-esteem, parenting struggles, relationship conflict, management of chronic mental health issues, eating issues (weight management and disordered eating), and adolescent treatment. Her vision for her practice comes from an appreciation of the unique set of strengths that each individual brings to therapy. She use the therapeutic relationship to aid in understanding the underlying fears, unmet needs, and conflicts that interfere with an individual’s sense of fulfillment. Dr. Rotblatt believes that the core of all individuals is good and health seeking, and approaches therapy from this perspective. In family and marital, she seeks to understand each family member and works to improve communication, trust, balance and harmony. Her approach to therapy is integrative, client centered and insight oriented. Depending on the specific need, she use a wide range of approaches including psychodynamic and cognitive/behavioral to help in the management and alleviation of symptoms. She is very please to have joined a integrative medicine center that is wellness orientated and that understands and empowers the integration of body, mind, and spirit in healthcare.