Skin Care

The focus of most traditional skin care centers tend to be on the care and treatment of our outermost layers of the skin; what we see when we look in the mirror. What sets our skin care apart is the emphasis on integrating other aspects of our health and physiology that can affect the clarity, integrity and tone of our skin. Over the past several years we have gained tremendous insight into how our internal chemistry plays a role in healthy skin formation. Skin stressor such as nutritional deficiencies, food allergies/sensitivities and internal and external oxidation levels are very influential and need to be assessed. Dietary and lifestyle modification are and should be an essential component of proper skin care. An integrative/holistic model of skin care encompasses all of these facets of skin health and healing.

Facials 60 minutes
Customized Facials designed to smooth, brighten, and purify your skin. Effective, yet luxurious facials designed to provide you with immediate and lasting results using natural medical grade skin care products.
Express Facial
Mini Facial helps exfoliate the skin and clear up acne.
Microdermabrasion (Full face/30 min)
Microdermabrasion (With Facial)
Mini Facial helps exfoliate the skin and clear up acne.
Glycolic Peels
Exfoliate without scrubbing to reveal brighter skin. A light glycolic peel can be done almost every week and is a great add-on to facials.
Salicylic Peels
Target acneic skin by treating the bacteria that causes acne.
Jessners Peel
Target pigment, fine lines, and acne with Jessners peel.