Annemarie Sampson

annemarieFor thirty years Annemarie has worked hard with clients to help them reach both physical and mental health through exercise. She loves being a part of people quest for health and wellness. Annemarie is now entering a new chapter her career. Because the dynamic of the health industry has changed drastically over 30 years, it is clear that a comprehensive approach to health is a must. Now, she is focusing not only on health through exercise but also on educating consumers on environmental toxins and their negative effect on our health and how to combat those negatives. Based on her own personal experience and through her clients experiences she has seen how important is for all of us to take a deeper look into wellness and her goal is to help facilitate and inform.

Mind, body, environment and spirit must work together to have the optimum positive effect on our health. It is imperative that we maintain physical health, but it is also important that we remove hazardous chemicals and toxins from our homes and our environment. Our environment both in our homes and in our world have a dramatic effect on our overall health. She is always thrilled to have the chance to educate others and to introduce a better way of being well and well informed.
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