Mindy Greenberg, HC


Mindy Greenberg is a board-certified Health Coach Practitioner practicing inChicagomindygreenberg’s North Shore. In 1985, Mindy received a BA in Food and Nutrition from Northern Arizona University and in 2012, she earned a certificate as Health Coach Practitioner from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. With a lifelong passion for healthy living, Mindy struggled with Fibromyalgia, digestive and sleep issues for several years before discovering the effectiveness of healing the body with clean eating and a positive mindset.  She has used her own personal experiences to help many individuals find their path to wellness and restored energy. Mindy’s clients include women and men of all ages (including teens) with a variety of weight and health issues.


In her free time, Mindy enjoys spending time in her kitchen preparing simple but delicious meals, juicing and exercising. She can be found at the gym, in the pool or on her bike by the lake.  Her love of music and animals allows her to sing with a local music school as well as volunteer at a community based animal shelter.

Mindy lives in the Chicago suburb of Highland Park with her husband, their 3 children and their 2 dogs.