Bone Broth

• 1 organic whole chicken (cut up)
• Root Vegetables ​ (most can be found at Whole Foods)​ :
• Rutabaga
• Burdock
• Celery ​ ​
• Daikon
• Horseradish

• Celery ​ (stalk)​
• Carrots ​ (wash and keep greens on)​
• Red/White onions (keep skins on)
​• 2​ whole garlic (skins on)
• Sea weed ​-Kombu​ (optional but ​ highly recommended and​ full of minerals)

• Peppercorns
• Sea Salt
• Tumeric (optional)
• ​Bay Leaf​

Get out 2 big soup pots. Clean and wash all root veggies and “additional” veggies. Divide up evenly into the 2 pots. Divide organic whole chicken up. Fill 2 pots with water to about 2″ from top of pot.
Add sea salt, peppercorn, sea weed.

Turn on stove and bring to boil. Turn down to the lowest setting (or on and off setting if you have one).
Cook for 12-24 hours! ​ You will have 2 pots of soup. Run the broth through a fine strainer then put in refrigerator for a couple hours and then skim off fat. Store in glass (I use 4 or 6 cup ball jars). Cut recipe in 1/2 if you’d like a smaller amount. ​

​You can click this link to explain just a few of the many benefits of bone broth. ​

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