The Magic of Microderm!

k14116640When people hear the term microderm, they sometimes associate it with words like abrasion, irritation, and pain. These things can come to mind when we do not understand the workings of microderm  and what it actually does to the skin. Microderm manually exfoliates your skin gently, leaving it healthy and glowing. It does this by treating the outermost layer of the skin. This consequently helps free pores of debris to improve texture, tone, and mild sun damage. Microderm is shown to be highly effective. One could even go as far as calling it magic!

At North Suburban Wellness, we care about your skin as much as you do. We take care to help our patients receive the results they are looking for. This is why with every facial purchase, our patients receive free microderm! If you would like to inquire about microderm, receive more information, or book an appointment give us a call at 847-266-8000.

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