How Diet and Exercise Affect your Hearing

diet,hearingExercise has been well documented as a way to maintain healthy hearing and cognitive function. Even light to moderate exercise increases blood flow to an already hard to reach organ and helps maintain its structures and functionality.

Current research shows that diet also has an effect on the aging hearing system. Research shows that eating less as we age and eating a healthier mix of foods may reduce the amount of hearing loss in aging individuals.

Research indicates, as we age, our bodies produce more free radicals. These toxic molecules are partly responsible for the aging process, and just like any other organ in the body; the ear and hearing system are profoundly affected by free radicals.  These toxic molecules attack the hearing system and destroy the mechanisms needed to hear.

Eating healthier foods reduces these free radicals, and thus reduces the toxic affect they have on our hearing system. So, now there is yet another reason to eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis. Save your hearing, eat healthy and exercise.

Alison Kaye, Au.D. CCC-A

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