Erika Turner

Patient Care Coordinator

I believe my nature chose my career path. I’ve spent my entire working life in service to others in many different roles.
I consider myself, among other things, a relationship builder and it is through this process that all things thrive.
Putting the comfort and care of other beings at the forefront of my daily life is partly about treating others the way I like to be treated but mostly about making the world a better place one relationship at at a time.
In my educational experiences, I studied psychology and performance arts and found that I have some talent in both. I’m a problem solver, an empath and a vocalist, in song and spoken word.
I found myself here, at North Suburban Wellness, as a result of a soul searching journey.
I needed to find a place where my work could mean something deeper, open doors and opportunities to my long held interests in natural health and wellness and where my personality and various talents could be used, acknowledged and above all, appreciated.
I am so happy to be working with such a genuinely talented, team of practitioners and office personnel. The care, collaboration and integrity displayed in this office are refreshing and highly commendable.
I feel at home here and I’m confident that we’ll always do our best to make you feel, safe, comfortable and ultimately, well!