Dr. Michael Rosen, DC

Chiropractic Medicine

Dr. Michael Rosen received his doctor degree from National University of Health Sciences in 2002. He specializes in Orthopedics, Sports Medicine, Pregnancy, Pediatrics, and Nutrition. 

He holds degrees in Psychology, Human Biology Chiropractic Medicine, and Natural Medicine.

Dr. Rosen works with general and orthopedic surgeons that prefer to heal pain issues with rehabilitation.  The goal is to avoid surgery if there is any way possible. Our evaluation can help decide what your specific condition needs. Treatments include adjustments and physical therapy. Referrals for podiatry, acupuncture, imaging, and nutrition are provided as needed and encouraged by our office. 

-Doctor of Adult and Pediatric Chiropractic Medicine

-Medical Examiner US Department of Transportation 

-Medical Staff

    North Suburban Wellness 

    Saint Anthony Hospital 

    Norwegian American Hospital 

    Thorek Memorial Hospital

    Weiss Memorial Hospital